Brian Azzarello has been writing comics professionally since the mid-1990s.

He is the author of SPACEMAN, BATMAN: BROKEN CITY and the Harvey and Eisner Award-winning 100 BULLETS, all created in collaboration with artist Eduardo Risso. The New York Times best-selling author's other work for DC Comics includes the titles HELLBLAZER and LOVELESS (both with Marcelo Frusin), SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW (with Jim Lee), JOKER, LUTHOR and RORSCHACH (with Lee Bermejo), COMEDIAN (with J.G. Jones), SGT. ROCK: BETWEEN HELL AND A HARD PLACE (with Joe Kubert), and most recently the ongoing series WONDER WOMAN (with Cliff Chiang).

In 2015 he collaborated with Frank Miller and Andy Kubert on Batman The Dark Knight Master Race, the sequel to Miller's 1986 Batman miniseries The Dark Knight Returns and the 2001 miniseries The Dark Knight Strikes Again, continuing the story of an aged Bruce Wayne resuming his identity as a crimefighter. His most recent work is with Lee Bermejo on the acclaimed Batman: Damned mini-series by DC Comics under its DC Black Label imprint. Azzarello lives in Chicago and twitters @brianazzarello only when he has something to say.