He was born in 1971 in Normandy. He meets the writer Eric Omond at the Angers Art School, where a long collaboration begins. It is published in the legendary British magazine Deadline, together with Jaimie Hewlett, Nick Ambatzi, Shaky Kane, Philip Bond, Alan Martin,... They return to France, where they create Toto The Platipus, as well as many other comics of different genres. Yoann then develops collaborations with Joann Sfar (Donjon Monsters), Lewis Trondheim (Fennec), Yann and Conrad (Bob Marone), and finally Fabien Vehlmann, with whom he has collaborated for over 10 years, writing stories of Spirou and Fantasio (a traditionally Franco-Belgian series); They've since created Supergroom, a superhero version of Spirou aimed at younger readers (third album coming in 2024).