Rufus Dayglo is an artist working mainly in Comics, illustration, and storyboards. He started his career in traditional 2D animation, and storyboarding, before switching over to his first love, Comic Books.

He relaunched Tank Girl with Alan Martin (and Ashley Wood), and went on to draw 6 series of the comic book, ‘The Gifting’, ‘Visions of Booga’, ‘Skidmarks’, ‘The Royal Escape’, ‘We hate Tank Girl’, and ‘Bad Wind Rising’.
He has worked extensively with 2000ad and the 2000ad Megazine, (the weekly and monthly British sci-fi comic books).

He has also worked with Image Comics, IDW Comics, DC Vertigo, etc.

Currently drawing Counterfeit Girl, with Peter Milligan and Dom Regan, for 2000ad! Part one in PROG 2000!
Just completed drawing Bad Company for 2000ad, with Peter Milligan, and Jim McCarthy,
and LAST GANG IN TOWN with Simon Oliver for DC VERTIGO … Out Now.

He is also slowly working on his own projects, Solid Gold Death Mask, and Big Time Charlie (with Al Ewing).

Rufus currently lives in Margate, with a collection of dusty toy Gundam robots, lots of pencils, and more Lewis Leathers jackets than he could ever hope to wear. He likes Kit Kats, and coffee. Both are always welcome. (as are even more Lewis Leathers jackets)