British comic artist John Royle may be attracting attention for his eye-catching covers for Zenoscope these days, but his career dates back to Marvel UK and, later, work on the much-missed original Marvel superhero titles published by Panini in Britain, including Spectacular Spider-Man. John has been active in the comic industry for almost 30 years, working with the biggest and best. His comics career began in 1992, with a one-off contribution to Fleetway’s Red Dwarf Smegazine, moving on to work on Marvel UK’s Knights of Pendragon – to be released in a collection from Marvel next year. His work for the company also included several mini series – Death’s Head II, Die Cut and Death Metal among them – before “The House of Ideas” came calling. He worked for Marvel until 1996 where he produced some high profile work including – Excalibur and Wolverine: Evilution, the latter drawn in collaboration with Mark Texeira. John also found time to illustrate a couple of Rai fill-ins for Valiant, Robin – Impulse for DC Comics and worked on a number of Malibu’s Ultraverse titles, among them Ultraforce, Prime and, most notably The Phoenix Resurrection. In 1997 he produced issues of Star Trek: Starfleet Academy for Marvel comics before taking a sabbatical to recover from the high demand for his skills. Re-emerging at Panini (Marvel UK) fresher and better, he contributed to multiple issues of Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures for the next seven years. He also found time to work on 18 of the first 19 issues of Marvel Rampage and was a major contributor to Stan Lee Alexa, a 2005 iBooks, as a one off. Then came IDW’s Danger Girl, where John has been a frequent penciller/artist for the mini series. More recently, he’s been drawing covers for numerous US companies, including IDW, Dynamite Entertainment and Zenoscope.