Our story begins several years ago, in 1991, when a group of people with passion envisioned changing the collectibles market in our country. Since then, a lot has happened, the company has grown, but it has never lost its goal of always being beside consumers and supporting them in the best possible way, providing quality products that exceed their expectations. Today, Wizbox has brought together an experienced team of people whose skills, dedication, passion, and enthusiasm aim to make the company a major provider of collectibles and games. We are dedicated to providing collectors with a wide range of products, which is constantly enriched with new arrivals, at the best prices on the market. Thousands of products, always in immediate storage can be sent the same day to our customers. Our purpose is to provide excellent customer service by operating through innovation and advanced technology. We are constantly looking for new products and ideas and we work with the biggest companies all over the world. We are constantly developing to fulfill every possible need and we are open to hearing your own ideas and suggestions. If you are passionate about everything we are passionate about, join our team, and share with us the success of the mutual goal we envision.