The idea of Epsilon Custom Sabers was born six years ago by Kompotheklas Compothecra Dionisis, with the intention of creative and artistic expression. As Dionisis made his first steps in the construction of hand-made lightsabers (always with uniquness and personal expression in mind), many people began asking him if his creations were for sale. Four years ago, Dionisis as Epsilon Custom Sabers began to accept orders from both Greece and abroad, but always with his own rule that every creation will be unique and one of a kind, and always according to the strictest quality control. Since then, it's only the best materials (metals – electronic equipment / design) that are used in the construction, so that the lightsabers can be also used for dueling, not only decoratively or as props. Beyond the actual lightsabers, Dionisis has extended his repertoire in even more props from the world of Star Wars (and beyond!) as the last years he has also crafted blasters, holographic pyramids, costumes and many more!