Apnoia, an idea, a dream, and a venture led to our workshop which aims to make art for every dreamer, romantic and nostalgic human out there! Read below about us, and if you lose your way back, remember, a fox always finds its way in the night. Who We Are We grew up in the most mythical time of all time, when Stephen King was keeping us awake from our nightmares with Freddy Kruger, when Tolkien’s books transported our imaginations to magical realms, when the Grimm brothers and Disney introduced us folklore, when Mario and Donkey Kong were still in 2bit, when music thrived only in record stores, requiring careful consideration before purchase; We grew up in this legendary time when Indiana Jones showed us that archaeologists can be badasses, when Retro games were just "games" and you could relish them in arcade halls, when Son Goku from Dragon Ball was the only known manga, when mythology was more than Thor and God of War, when movies resided in cinemas & video clubs and people used to spend hours searching for the perfect movie and feeling disappointment when the desired pick was already rented; We grew up in the most romantic time of all time, the 90s What means _Apnoia_ Apnoia derives from the Ancient Greek word "_ἄπνοια_"_ _which means the complete absence of wind, specifically referring to a state of 0 on the Beaufort scale. The term embodies the tranquility of the sea when there are no waves or wind, and we resurrect it to describe our vision and passion; the culture of the 20th century depicted on the most natural materials, on solid wood, handcrafted by us, a group of romantic, silly, and geek people who want to produce art for the lovers of myths, music, fantasies, folklore, video games, mythologies and of course… 90s