Ηatzopoulou Paraskevi (Dot) was born in Thessaloniki and she has graduated from the “School of Fine Arts” of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has attended Photoshop, video editing, drawing/sketching, sculpting, photography, scenography and architectural design courses. She has exhibited her artworks at the AnimeCon: Run Thessaloniki ’23, the Comic Convention ‘22 of Stuttgart, at the «AthensCon 2018» festival in Athens and also at «The Comic Con 3,4,5,6 and 7» in Thessaloniki. In addition she has participated in the Digital Exhibition “Pairnoume Thesi” organized by the “Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, has exhibited her artwork at VZ Studio in Thessaloniki, at “Michalis Kakogiannis” Foundation, at “The Eye Altering” gallery, at «Geni Tzami» in Thessaloniki, in the historic battleship «Averoff» in the context of the "VOTSIA 2017" events of Thessaloniki, at the Underpass of “Christos Tsakiris” Cultural Center, at the 3rd Pan-Hellenic Competition “Loukas Venetoulias” at the “Teloglio” Institute of Arts in Thessaloniki, and also at the Open Art Lab Gallery in HELEXPO. Moreover, she has been teaching Sketching and Illustration lessons, she has illustrated the music book «Flogerismata» by Maria Melidou, she has started working on the comic book “Norman the Normal” written by Thanos Katsoras, and she has also worked on commissions like music album covers,  prints, logos, magazines, e.t.c.,  for individuals from Greece and Abroad. She has completed her Internship as a visual artist at the Cultural Center “Christos Tsakiris” in Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki, and also at the Music Hall of Thessaloniki in the context of the "Special Teaching of Art" University course.