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Çınar helped create a photocopy-fanzine publishing group called Capa Comics group in 1997, to which he has continued to contribute up until today from time to time. Capa Comics group has established links with several bigger publishers today and both Yildiray and his colleagues have published their work in national magazines on several occasions, under common banners of Capa Comics group and the other publisher.

His creations from this time include Sürgün, Maskeli, Karabasan and İman Limited.

Although remaining in Istanbul, Çınar started producing for the American comic book market. He was first hooked up with Digital Webbing Press and illustrated stories of Nothingface and Fist of Justice which appeared in numerous issues of the anthology Digital Webbing Presents. He has also produced the art for a graphic novel published by Digital Webbing titled Nothingface.

His Image Comics work began started with a pin-up he draw for Savage Dragon #118. He subsequently illustrated a short story for Savage Dragon #126.

He later worked on Jay Faerber’s Image series Noble Causes, on which he served as regular penciler beginning with #27.

After working on the DC Comics series Teen Titans, he began as the regular artist on Legion of Super-Heroes, which debuted in 2010 under veteran Legion writer Paul Levitz.[1]

He has been named the artist, with writer Tom Taylor, of “Superior Iron Man” at Marvel, starting November 2014. Hist latest projects for Marvel Comics include Cable, Weapon X and Uncanny X-Men. He is currently collaborating again with Tom Taylor on the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man comic series.