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Chatzopoulou Paraskevi (Dot) was born in 1996, lives in Thessaloniki, and she is studying Fine Arts in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She had Photoshop, video editing, academic drawing/sketching, sculpting, photography, scenography and architectural design courses. She has exhibited her artwork in «AthensCon 2018» festival in Athens, «The Comic Con 3 and 4» in Thessaloniki, in «Geni Tzami» in Thessaloniki, and in the historic battleship «Averoff», in the context of the “VOTSIA 2017” events in Thessaloniki.
She has practiced her art as a visual artist at the “Cultural Center” of the Pavlos Melas Municipality in Stavroupoli of Thessaloniki, and at the Music Hall of Thessaloniki in the context of the “Special Teaching of Art” course of her University.She has illustrated the music book «Flogerismata» by Maria Melidou, and she has worked on commissions for people from Greece and abroad (album covers, comic covers, brochures, portraits, logos, designs for t-shirts, wall paintings, paintings on objects, stickers, figures, etc.)
In her spare time, she designs interiors, reconstructs old / damaged objects, creates figures and miniatures, and at this moment she illustrates the comic “Norman the Normal” based on the script of Thanos Katsoras.