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Vera Kartalou uses writing as a means of expression and creation. She loves crime novels, noir elements in literature, fiction and satire. She has been distinguished in varius creative writing contest, by well known publishers, whith her texts having been published in literary collections and e-journals. Moreover she is the creator of the literary flash fiction website “121 Words”.
Kartalou has also published graphic novels such as “Biography”, “Eternal Doom – The Beginning of the End” and “Eternal Doom 2 – The Curse of Knowledge” illustrated by Panagiotis Tsaousis, the microfiction collection “Confessions” illustrated by Kostas Fragiadakis as well as the comics “The Vampire Thanasis Vagias” and “The Escape” which are illustrated by Nikos Papamihail and based on the famous poems of Aristotelis Valaoritis.
Her latest work includes curating and participating in the group exhibitions: “Refute It”, “The Proust Effect”, “V for Versatility”, “Untold Tales of a City” “Misfortunes Never Come Singly” and “The Next Decade”.