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Ventus Cosplay, aka Panagiotis Anastasiadis, is an artist based in Thessaloniki. With a childhood filled with fantasy, dreams and a knack for adventure and anything art, he has managed, through cosplay, to do what he always wanted. To be a hero living in a fantastic world. His first works were back in 2012, where he showed some preference mostly to characters from different kinds of anime series. However, nowadays he draws inspiration from video game characters, such as Skyrim and World of Warcraft, and also comic books or movies, like X-men.

A simple kid, that couldn’t even draw a straight line, has managed through devotion and hard work,to create some of the most deserving costumes of the Greek cosplay community, and also had the honor to participate in a well known convention abroad. His goal wirth cosplaying is, first of all to have fun, inspire others to do what makes them happy, to not be afraid to take chances and think out of the box, as well as to give back, as much as possible, to the community that has givven a lot to him.