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Legends say that Tzoni learned how to draw before she could even write. Even though her sister believes that she hasn’t learned either of them. When she doesn’t make comics with transformed cats, she usually paints handsome Korean men – dealing with her art-block in style. She stans more kpop groups that she can count, but she is always broke, so her only way to support them is by streaming and likes on youtube.
She studies archaeology at Kapodistrian university and loves the ‘history of art’ class – because she can find many references for her work. Her first critically acclaimed comic is named “Katroulis and the witch, chapter 0”. Some of the multiple awards it has received are the “Congratulations, my child, I will make mousaka for you tonight”, the “Can you make a commission for me for free?”, the “What are these devilish things you’re making?”, and the “Have you thought of drawing porn?” So stay tuned and be ready to visit Comic Con where she’ll be along with her fabulous comics and fanarts at table 9 and 3/4.