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Thanasis Karampalios was born in 1983 at Palaiokastro a small village of province of Elassona.
In 2007 he studied at comic school “Comink” of Vaggelis Matziris at Thessaloniki.
His first work is the comic album “1800-1.father” which is published by Jemma Press. It is a fiction story about the greek reality at the early 19th century. A period full of heroes and events with great historical interest. The next album, 1800- 2. Eleni, was released in April 2019.
In 2019 he won the Best new artist award for the year 2018.
In 2018 he participated at the comic ‘n’ play display titled “radio-silence”.
In 2019 he participated at the Campaign Valtous X or The Black Map of Athens, a joint initiative by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Greece’s office, and the HumanRights360.
In 2019 he participated at the LA COMIC FESTIVAL comic workshops.
He lives and works in Larissa.