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Getting to know us
Simple Play Games is a creative team whose sole purpose is to spread the germ known as role-playing games. It was created on April 2017 and has more than 20 people, both players and game masters alike, in its creative think tank. The team’s creations are based on a set of rules, which are entirely unique in their category according to other already-existing ones, as well as very simple to understand for anyone from the tender age of six and older (something we have already tested and proven for ourselves). The rule-system is called SPDS, which is a sort for Simple Play – Duality System.
What we do
Simple Play Games has started something of an institution for the city of Thessaloniki, by organising events focused on different thematic scenarios for pen & paper role-playing games. On our one year of existence we have taken part on last year’s comic-con (Comic-Con 3 in Thessaloniki) with four different settings for our players to choose from (Heroic Fantasy, Victorian Horror, Science Fiction and Post-Apocalypse). We have also managed to organise two separate events, one based on a science fiction script, and one based on Victorian horror.
So, come and meet us in Comic Con 4 in Thessaloniki during May 4-6 2018 in the Ioannis Vellidis Conference Centre, in order to catch a break from your daily routine and habits. We will help you to escape in worlds of heroism, horror and fantasy.