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Born in Corinth in 1996, he was exposed at an early age on TV cartoons and his sister’s comic books with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Little Lulu. And so it begun: he decided to make his own!

This humble passion of his youth, after a lot of doodles with pencil and a lot of reading of disney and european comics and political cartoons, led him to publish in 2011 political cartoons in the corinthian newspaper “Today” and finally in 2014 to enter the Ioannina School of Fine Arts (rather than going in an Agriculture school which could offer him a better living in the future) in order to become a cartoonist and comic artist.

In 2015, he begun publishing comics in the comics column “Kare Kare” of the “Newspaper of the Editors” and also started drawing the “Roommates”, a webcomic by

his fellow student Pavlos Damianidis’s scenario, which they self-published on comic book form in the 2nd The Comic Con Thessaloniki in 2016.

In 2016, he self-published his first personal work, “The True History of the World”, a little fanzine with a funny and particular black view about the creation of the world.

Now, he’s posting on facebook and instagram cartoons and doodles from time to time, trying to make some new comic that will express his worries and give some food for thought to the reader and also waits you with the second comic book of the “Roommates” in this convention!