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Penelope Mitsopoulou (Pen) was born in 1986 in Piraeus, but very soon she moved with her family in the southern parts of Athens. From a young age, she loved animation and video games, and considers herself very lucky to have grown up watching Saber Rider and Thundercats (and every cartoon in general that was played in the tv in the 90’s- the best period of kids’ programs in her opinion), also for playing donkey kong in snes and in the evening she would go out and play hide’n seek and gameboy with the other kids in the neighbourhood. As a kid, she had two great loves ; music and drawing, but because of various reasons, common for Greece, she studied something compeletely different, chemical engineering. After finishing college, she decided it’s never too late for one to go after their dreams, so for some years now she has been taking art classes aiming to level up and to be able to do this professionally. Recently, at the latest Comicdom of 2018, she has published her first comic, “The song of the wolf”, and hopes to do more pretty stuff in the future.