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Nikos Kabasele was born in Athens in 1986 and grew up in Alexandroupolis. He was painting from a very young age. Still, he didn’t want to become a painter, but a comics artist. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts and from the École Européenne Supérieure de l’Image (Master BD, Angoulême).

He has participated in various comics festivals and collective exhibitions as an artist. He has also had personal exhibitions of his paintings. His work has been published by publishers such as: Hestia publishings, Enati Diastasi, ADDART, Paratiritis tis Thrakis and by the Ethnological Museum of Thrace. He has collaborated with magazines such as: ANTI, Mple Komitis and Comic Cultura.

His hobbies are: miniature painting, boardgames and mixed martial arts. He lives and works in Alexandroupolis, as an art teacher in SOS Children’s Village of Thrace and as a freelance artist.

His comics explore through allegorical means social issues such as ethnical identity, modern religion and love.