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He was born in Athens in 1996. He graduated from Paleo Psychiko High School. He is a graduate of the Sculpture Department of the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He participated in Euripides’ Trojans show, directed by Vangelis Theodoropoulos, alongside Lydia Koniordou, in the role of Astypanakta during the winter 2010 season. He participated as an actro in a short film for the 2012 Open Air Festival. the Animation Seminar in Teen Education Programs in 2013 at the House of Letters and Arts. He participates with the team of the Stage Lab (LSA) at the World Theater and Stage Exhibition in Prague PQ 2015 with the Greek mission of EKΔΙΘ (student section), mainly in sculpture on figures for models . And then with the same team at the (OUT) TOPIAS exhibition at the Benaki Museum in the fall of 2016, where he drawn the costumes, storyboards and made the model’s figures. He has participated in “The Comicon” 3, 4 and 5 (Thessaloniki comic convention) at artist alley presenting his work. Participated in a group exhibition of the AUTh sculpture workshop that took place outside the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. He participated with his sculpture in the exhibition entitled 3xxx, Color, Engraving, Space held at the French Institute of Thessaloniki. He carried out his practice at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (AMTH) by studying and implementing a Roman face reconstruction from a plaster mold found in an ancient cemetery in Thessaloniki in the 3rd century AD, presented at the AMTH Magazine “Copying the Past”. In addition, he expanded his knowledge of 3d sculpting, 3d modeling, 3d scanning of ancient figurines, vessels and burial objects. He has participated in “Athenscon” (Athens Comic Convention) at artist alley presenting his work. He is working on the comic ” Αν δεν ψάξεις δεν θα βρεις ” with a script by Vassilis (Iasiadis) and the comic “Patroclus and the Bloody Painting” with Thanos Katsoras.