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Marilena Mexi was born in Athens in 1986. Being passionate for drawing since childhood, she decided to turn that into a profession. She studied graphic design in Akto school of applied arts, and during the first years she worked as an illustrator in various creative studios of Athens – mainly related to the ad industry (2007-2010). Later, she worked for a short period of time as an art class teacher, and then she became a freelance illustrator, working for book and card game publishers.

Her work has been featured by various magazines and websites around the world. She also participated in events such as London Super Comic Con 2012 and Bologna Bookfair, as well as other events for children’s and young adult books. She also worked for companies such as Fantasy Flight Games, Oxford University Press, New Media Publishing of South Africa, Element LLC and Flame Tree Publishing.

Besides being an artist, she’s also an avid writer. In 2011 she self-published her first illustrated novel, “Antara”, followed by the second part soon after, “Ninemia”. In 2011 she finished a new fantasy novel, “Deerward”. Her wish is to continue working professionally as a writer and illustrator.