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Marco Gervasio is an Italian Disney comics artist. His collaboration with Walt Disney Company Italia has begun in 1997, when he graduated Accademia Disney.

His work consists of story illustrations for the flagship magazine of Disney publishing in Italy, TOPOLINO, contribution on hit series (such as PKNA, Wizards of Mickey, Ultraheroes, DoubleDuck etc.), a number of covers, both for Italy and the US, and some even more… personal creations.

One such case is the series with Fantomius as the main character. Fantomius is an aristocrat and a thief whose diary gave Donald Duck the spark to turn into his alter ego, the Duck Avenger.

Apart from Disney, it is worth mentioning that he also collaborated in 2013 with finnish Rovio Entertainment for the creation of a number of stories based on the popular videogame Angry Birds.