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Konstantina loved drawing and playing video games as far as she can remember herself. She was born in Athens in 1993, where she grew up and lives until now. She studied Fine Arts and Sciences of Art at the Fine Arts School in the University of Ioannina and after graduating, she decided to pursue her true dream, which was to become a Video Game Artist. She started drawing characters and general art for small and amateurish video games along with projects of her own, editing their music, storyboard, concept art and graphics. She is now working as a Character and Texture Artist for professional video game projects such as the upcoming indie game “The Hidden Music Box” with her team, Dimension Ωmega. Besides drawing characters, she loves doing cute drawings and fan arts of various Video Games she admires while also showing her work in various Gaming Conventions and Events. She mostly spends her time drawing, gaming, watching movies and squishing her cat.