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Kostas Tselepatiotis was born in Athens in 1992 and studied geology. As a child he loved fantasy stories, and eventually, in his college years, he decided that their creation is what he wants to do in his life. Not having the needed literary writing to write a book, and having a grasp and love for drawing, he concluded that the ideal way of telling stories is comics. For the next four years, Kostas practiced his drawing skills, trying to obtain the bases he needed to create a comic. In 2016 a national comic competition occurred from the Ornerakis School of Applied Arts where he decided to test his skills and eventually win one of the scholarship prizes and attend the school of art. In December of 2017 he made his first comic, with the title ”MIREO RANDEZVOUS” (FATEFULL DΑTE), and now he continues his studies in drawing while trying to write interesting stories with purpose of making them comics.