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They say: ¨Νever move to a new house, change job, do a master and become parent at the same time!” Konstantinos Anastasiou, without becoming a parent, did all the other at the same time the last year!

Known also as anastako, is an illustrator and a UI/UX Designer managing to bring together Art and Design in all of his projects. He chooses to work digitally to complete the projects.

Holding three Master Diplomas, one in Marketing, one in Organizational Psyshology, and one in Design, has all the knowledge he needs to deliver successful projects both in User Experience or Illustration.

He has designed 4 games achieving very good sales on the App Store, Apps for companies and websites. He has illustrated two childrens’ book and has numerous roles in projects involving illustration and graphic design.

He is passionate with his work and changed his life to follow his dream. He loves taking on new exciting and demanding projects.

He is a freelancer and his creative office brand is anastako.design

In his free time he does sculpturing and plays music.