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Klimis. He was born in December 1978. On the 7th. Late at night. It was a Thursday.

Then, he grew up in the city of Drama. He studied some stuff about politics and French abroad and a couple of years back he thought “hm…”. And thus, he picked up his pencils and papers, bought a bunch of pens and markers and now he does comics. A self-taught lad, resident in his hometown since 2005, and they all lived happily ever after…

In his comics career (2018-2019) he has so far circulated three self-publications: “The (in)different tales of Anagnostis Palabras”, “God!!! What the Hell!” and “Deconstructed Funnies”. Finally, “Tales of Deadbeats” under Flatland Publications in collaboration with Melandros Ganas on script.

He was the honoured artist the RADIO SILENCE exhibition of Comic ‘N Play (9-11/11/2018) in Thessaloniki. He also has various participations in comics exhibitions abroad and nationally.