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Born in Thessaloniki in 1978 but raised in the city of Drama, studied European Studies and French in the UK, France and Holland, worked as sound engineer for a while in Athens, owns a private school of English and has been active in comics self-publications since 2018, at times solo and others with Flatland Publications. His titles so far include:

1. The indifferent tales of Anagnostis Palabras (2018)
2. Deadbeat Tales (Flatland Publications, 2018)
3. God! What the Hell! (2018)
4. Deconstructed Funnies (2019)
5. The Hunt (2019)
6. Ayahuasca (2019)
7. Don’t drink and drive, just smoke and fly (Flatland Publications, 2020)

He has three more projects under way, “Olafur the Viking – who never made it in history” and (probably) “Silence in the Studio”, both of which will be published in volumes, and a collection of short comic strips “The Birds”. He also has an official title under Jemma Press Publications entitled “Omega 2 – fatty funnies”.