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Josef Fadel known as Semon was born in Athens on 1990 he serves the art of creation since many incarnations.His origin is from ancient Egypt,in past lives he was a priest of

Amun-Ra,loyal servant of God Anubis as a psychopomp and illustrator of great famous tombs of Pharaohs like Akenaten,Tutankhamun..Ramesses I,΄II, e.t.c!!

 Basic principles in his life are optimism,gratitude,nobility and justice.

He studied applied arts in Ornerakis school 2016-2019(Illustration and comics visual arts),he has the profession of tattoo artist since 2015 and creates various types of illustrations,he also teaches a seminar titled:BASIC ARTISTIC STYLES OF TATTOO & BASIC PRINCIPLES OF TATTOO in the center of applied arts at Ornerakis school.His dream is from inside his comic books to create characters that will inspire the world,also he wants to continue to decorate the skin of people with images-stories & symbols that will accompany them for the rest of their lives!!

You can find him on facebook  or on a random rooftop, dressed as a bat protecting Gathens..!!