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His name is Hermes Psipsikas, born in Thessaloniki and from a young age he was drawing freakish stuff with dismembered people, blood and monsters with many teeth because the cartoons he used to watch were all about it. At school he always had a perfect score in the arts class and all the art teachers loved him. He is self taught and everything he has learned so far was either because he studied the details of the comics he read, from tutorial videos or by consuming 1 ton of paper trying his own tricks. The last two years, aside from drawingon paper with a pen, he delved into the pixelart realm because he is a very retro person and he likes τηε NES, Sega and all that stuff. On the pixelart subject, he is the artist of thr album covers and concept art of the newly assembled electronic band “Gone Legit”. No need to say more, enough with him, the rest from up close and personal at The Comic Con.