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The Goblins on Board are Manolis Zachariadis and Christos Giannakoulas, two ol’good friends, who enjoy to create games together. We have designed many, many, many games and were fortunate enough to have 3 of them published, hoping more will follow.Our published games are Gun Tale, a pen-and-paper RPG in a fantasy Wild West setting (as part of the Liquid Fire Team), Intrigue City, an abstract game with an interesting “Equilibrium” mechanic and lots of interaction, and 27th Passenger, a noir deduction party game for up to 6 players who take the role of Asassins on a train in a setting inspired by our favourite miss Agatha C.

In January 2023 our next game is going to be published. It is a children's/family game very dear to our heart. Stay tuned for more.

During the convention, we will be play-testing prototypes of our latest games. Feel free to pass by our booth and test any of our games (we will have all type of games for kids, families, gamers as well as casual gaming).

All sessions by GOBLINS ON BOARD