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George Doutsiopoulos is a published, freelance illustrator. In 2005 he graduates from the School of Economics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki but has already chosen to pursue the career of an illustrator, which was always his true passion. In 2006 he wins the 1st prize in Eleftherotypia’s “9” comic competition – a 3-year, full scholarship in AKTO Applied Arts College. He graduates in 2009.

George started working as a full-time freelance illustrator in 2008 and has to-date more than ten years of professional experience. His clientele includes publishing houses like Scholastic and Heinemann, gaming companies and other companies from America, Europe and Asia. He specializes in illustrations for board games, card games, children’s books and young adult books.

In March 2013 George takes part in Neil Gaiman’s competition, “A Calendar Of Tales” and Neil picks George’s artwork to illustrate the story “June”. In April, George is asked to travel to London to take part in the project’s documentary and meet Neil Gaiman in person.

Since 2011, George has been teaching drawing, sketching and illustration to children and adults and has also presented a number of talks and workshops.