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Cosplayers//GR is the only big non-profit, neutral and independent greek Cosplay community network, dedicated to providing -all- existing news about the community, complete photo/video coverage of all cosplay events, recording and promotion of all Cosplayers, Cosplay events and anything associated with Cosplay in Greece, while beign the Greek Cosplay community itself.

Cosplayers//GR is the organizer of 90 – Outdoor Mass – Cosplay Photoshootings ( 61% of the greek total ), among them nearly every single one in Thessaloniki, before each Cosplay event for their support. The longest running Cosplay “tradition” in Greece ( 9,5+ years ) under the name “Pre-Cosplay Party” Photoshootings”. Moreover, it’s organizing the biggest outdoor Cosplay Photo / Video Shoot worldwide during The Comic Con every year.

Among Cosplayers//GR’s actions for many years is the mass promotion of every single Cosplay Event in Greece through many effective ways, with no requirements on the organizers’ side. The team is officially partners with all active Cosplay related event organizers, as well as official Cosplay Photographers in all Convention that include Cosplays, besides one.

Cosplayers//GR’s coverage throughout the years totals at 75%+ of all commercial Cosplay Events and outdoor Cosplay Photoshoots in Greece and 80% of greek Cosplays in general from all of our ( current and past ) members. It includes private dedicated Cosplay photoshoots by all of its members as well as sometimes coverage of foreign Conventions.

Cosplayers//GR’s current team composition includes the 2 existing greek entirely dedicated Cosplay photographers who cover nearly every single Cosplay Event in Greece with hundreds / thousands of photos and long running videos, all of which of us are or were Cosplayers too with a big Cosplay repertoire.