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Cosplayers//GR, the Greek Cosplay community ( 2007 – today ), is the
only big non-profit, neutral and independent Greek Cosplay community
network, dedicated to providing -all- existing news about the community,
complete photo/video coverage of all cosplay events, recording and
promotion of all Cosplayers, Cosplay events and anything associated with
Cosplay in Greece.

Cosplayers//GR is the organizer of 90 – Outdoor Mass – Cosplay
Photoshootings ( 61% of the Greek total ), among them nearly every
single one in Thessaloniki, before each Cosplay event for their support.
The longest running Cosplay “tradition” in Greece ( 9,5+ years ) under
the name “Pre-Cosplay Party” Photoshootings”. Moreover, it’s organizing
the biggest outdoor Cosplay Photo / Video Shoot worldwide during The
Comic Con every year, except this year.

Among Cosplayers//GR’s actions for many years is the mass promotion of
every single Cosplay Event in Greece through many effective ways, with
no requirements on the organizers’ side. The team is officially partners
with all active Cosplay related event organizers, as well as official
Cosplay Photographers in all Convention that include Cosplays, besides

Cosplayers//GR’s coverage throughout the years totals at 75%+ of all
commercial Cosplay Events and outdoor Cosplay Photoshoots in Greece and
80% of Greek Cosplays in general from all of our ( current and past )
members. It includes private dedicated Cosplay photoshoots by all of its
members as well as sometimes coverage of foreign Conventions.

Cosplayers//GR’s current team composition includes the 2 existing Greek
entirely dedicated Cosplay photographers who cover nearly every single
Cosplay Event in Greece with hundreds / thousands of photos and long
running videos, all of which of us are or were Cosplayers too with a big
Cosplay repertoire.

— Visit COSPLAYERS//GR’s Booth and find the following only there:

– COSPLAY PHOTO/VIDEO SHOOT: Have your photos and UltraHD 4K / 60fps
Cosplay Video taken by Cassiel Cosplay Photography, the Cosplay
photographer with the biggest work in the Greek Cosplay community.

– COSPLAY PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Lose yourself among hundreds of Greek Cosplay
photos in our available photobooks, watch Greek Cosplay videos on our
screens and get to know all about Greek Cosplay and its 13 year old

– COSPLAY REPAIR STATION: Fix any possible damage on your Cosplay, with
more than 100 materials available!

– COSPLAY MATERIALS: Get to know all the main Cosplay Props and Armor
materials first hand!

– GIVEAWAY: Take part in the big Cosplayers Giveaway by default, by
having your photo and video taken, where every Cosplay counts as an
extra entry, with prizes by AnimeHouse και Otakustore, the big Greek
Japan & Western Pop Culture merchandise shops!