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Charalampos Ioannidis (Colto) was beamed in Thessaloniki sometime during the glorious golden decade of the 80’s. Right after kindergarten he studied Economics and Tibetan zoography in Hannover. He worked abroad and in Greece, both in private and public sector. His relation to comics and books in general, is tight – almost an addiction. Beside his Hellenic mother language he talks, reads and writes in English, French and German. Moreover he speaks proficient Caribbuean, occasionally Farsi and the dolphin‘s language. «Caribuenos – Tales of the legendary Captain Mugbeard» is his first comic book which is available for a broader audience, except his imaginary friends and the kind neighbour on the 3rd floor. “Ghost emergency – The primal haunt” is his second attempt to make you laugh, a comic in English, destined to haunt all readers.