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Alcyon Creative was created in 2015 in Drama , a small city in Greece. We are a group of board game designers, artists, authors with a common love for board games.
In 2015 we released our first game, Argonauts, a cooperative game based on the legendary journey of Jason and his crew. On TheComicCon you can find the very last games of our first edition. Late in 2018 a second edition will be released.
In 2016 we created Deus Ex Machina, a game based on Greek Mythology.
This year in TheComicCon there will be available for the first time Alexander’s Campaign, an historical game where the players follow Alexander the Great’s Campaign.
In 2018 we will release Ironclad a sci fo cooperative game, where the battleship Ironclad is caught between factions in a intergalactic war.