Autograph fee(per autograph): €50
Photo Op fee(per photo): €50
Meet and Greet fee: €150

Manu Bennett‘s schedule is as follows:

Friday (afternoon)

Meet and Greet Session (in a location that will be announced soon). Meeting at the statue of Alexander the Great (Thessaloniki seafront).


11:00- 13:00 signing session
13:000 14:00 Q&A session
14:00- 15:00 photo session
16:00- 17:00 signing session
17:00- 18:00 photo session
19:00- 20:00 signing session


12:00- 13:00 signing session
13:00- 14:00 photo session
16:00- 17:00 signing session
17:00- 18:00 photo session
18:00- 19:00 signing session

To purchase your tickets, send an email to the address [email protected] entitled “Manu Bennett Sessions”. In the body of the email, it’s mandatory you include your personal information (email address, first name, surname, telephone number) and the specific session you are interested in.
Regarding the signed photos by Manu Bennett, you have the option to choose between the available photos in his booth or to bring a personal item of choice. The guest reserves the right to refuse to sign anything that he considers offensive or does not wish to have his signature on it. In this case, ticket money is refunded.

You will then receive an email detailing the way you will deposit, after which you will a confirmation of your booking. Your normal entrance ticket to the convention doesn’t ensure you any signatures.

Signing sessions will be held at the guest’s booth while photo sessions will be held in specially designed area inside the convention center where the event takes place, by a professional photographer.

No candid photography or video recording is permitted during the signing and photo sessions. Otherwise, the person in charge has the right to request removal of this individual from the convention.

Autograph and photo charges are always determined by the artist/actor.

3 Days Ticket (Early Bird)
12.00 EUR


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